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Patient Info: Policies

WorkCover and TAC Payment Policy

Dynamic Health Physiotherapy is a privately owned clinic committed to providing the highest quality care to achieve the best treatment outcomes for all patients. We provide quality treatments on time, well above the time allowance of that which is covered by the insurance treatment framework. We do not double or over book and all of our physiotherapists are highly experienced. To allow for quality care and services to continue, this clinic charges a gap fee for WorkCover and TAC services.

By booking your appointment you understand and agree to the following conditions with regards to the provision and payment of Workcover and TAC services:

  1. All patients receiving treatment under WorkCover or TAC must provide evidence of claim approval and claim number at initial presentation.
  2. As WorkCover and TAC insurers do not cover the entire consultation fee, a gap fee will be charged to you in accordance with the clinic’s full private fees. This fee must be paid at the time of service before any follow up appointments are confirmed.
  3. Fees must be paid privately and cannot be claimed on private health insurance, Medicare or any other third party.
  4. Consent is provided for the clinic to provide details of treatment to the WorkCover or TAC insurer as required.
  5. No medical reports will be completed if a patient has outstanding charges on their account. Once full payment is received, any required reports will be completed and sent to the appropriate parties.
  6. Should the insurer dispute or refuse to pay for services provided, the patient is responsible for payment in full of any outstanding charges within 7 days of request. Proof of treatment and a copy of the receipt will be provided to the patient for use as evidence in a claim for reimbursement.

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Policies – Late Cancellation


Cancellation Late Cancellation and Failure to Attend Policy

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