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About Dynamic Health Physiotherapy

Dynamic Health Physiotherapy was founded in May 2005 at it’s current location by Principal Physiotherapists and best friends Debbie Skaliotis and Anna Stylianou.

Both founding physiotherapists were motivated by a shared passion for delivering the highest possible patient care and satisfaction in a professional, relaxed and friendly environment with a community feel. Despite the universal rule to not go into business with friends or family, they remain best friends after all these years!


Our Philosophy

Mission Statement: At Dynamic Health Physiotherapy our aim is to provide the highest possible standard of care for our patients 100% of the time.

Patient CareWe are experts in assessing, diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. We treat people of all ages and from all walks of life – from school children and office workers to elite athletes.

Our physiotherapists combine their many years of clinical expertise with consideration to the latest research evidence to provide an optimal outcome to patient injury management. For the most effective treatment, we like to give you an accurate diagnosis for your injury at your initial consultation. This is why seeing an experienced physiotherapist is important. If required, we are happy to collaborate and liaise with your GP or other specialist. Should you require further investigation, we can direct you to the best specialist for your condition.

Our physiotherapists understand that every patient is an individual with different goals, lifestyles, concerns and values. What may work for one person may not work for another. We therefore believe that for treatment to be optimally successful we must work together to devise the best management plan for you. When we work as a team, the best results will be achieved. Yes, we listen!

In essence, we treat you the way we’d like our loved ones to be treated.

DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that the following products have a “use by” date?

> Pillows: 1-2years. An unsupportive pillow can be a major contributor to headaches, migraines, and neck pain and stiffness.

> Mattresses: 10-12 years. An unsupportive mattress can be a major contributor to back, hip, and neck pain and lack of sleep.

> Running shoes: 500km.  Even just sitting in your cupboard, after 9 months the materials used will start to deteriorate.

After this time these products will not give you the support you need and can cause discomfort and even injury. Do not scrimp on these important products! You may end up paying with a whole lot more than you bargained for in the long run! Remember… Your first wealth is your health!

Let us advise you on the best products for you to optimise your health.

Physiotherapist professional

Continuing education is an important and valued tool for our physiotherapists.

Apart from having obtained highly prestigious university degrees in physiotherapy, our physiotherapists continue to increase their knowledge through many and regular professional education courses and keep up to date with the best available research evidence.

All of our physiotherapists are Members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.



Proud sponsors and Physios to MUBFC

Dynamic Health Physiotherapy is a proud sponsor of and Physiotherapists to the Manningham United Blues Football Club Senior Womens Team.

We at Dynamic Health Physiotherapy understand the importance of community and we are passionate promoters of an active and fun lifestyle. We have also been active supporters of women in sport, particularly at a high level in previously male dominated sports. Being an all female-run Physiotherapy practice in Manningham, we are particularly proud to be sponsors to and Physiotherapists of the Manningham United Blues Senior Womens Team. We also get a kick out of saying we are the exclusive Physios of Man U! Go Girls! Go Blues!


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